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The Koedoeslaagte trails are open and maintained and there will be no need for gators. You will hopefully spot the snake before stepping on it :D

We will suggest that runners plan to run in a modular outfit. End of May, the mornings could be cold and the days could get fairly warm:

  • Technical Running T-top rather than a vest. The Anatomic Trail Top which every Quartzite and Granite runner will receive in the race pack will be perfect

  • UV-sleeves will help to beat the early morning chill and will be ideal to protect the arms from the sun

  • A running peak/cap is a must. We run in all directions and through shaded and sunny patches. There are not many overhanging branches to keep an eye on.

  • An emergency wind-jammer/gilet/shell, sleeveless or long-sleeve, is a must have. There is no need for a hoodie.

  • To protect you from more extreme cold, please invest in our Crater Traverse branded Multi-functional tubular head & neck scarf.

  • Depending on your choice of distance, there are 2 - 3 water and refreshment points along the trail. These will be well stocked. It is however advised that athletes carry at least 250-500ml of water on them

  •  On stage-2, inexperienced or cautious runners are advised to run with one or perhaps two trekking poles. On stage one the 15km Quartzite runners will have to deal with a fairly steep rocky downhill early on during the stage and should consider using a trekking pole/s

  • The chances for rain and water-crossings are extremely slim. Please wear your standard socks and preferably, trail-specific shoes.

  • We suggest that runners take with them some plaster and antiseptic ointment to be able to patch up a cut, a bruise or a scratch

  • Remember your camera! Or a cellphone. We do have signal, although limited, along the Koedoeslaagte  trails.


Quartzite and Granite 2-day runners need to prepare for a fair bit of climbing. The 11km Lekka Run on the Sunday is undulated, but no climb considered as "steep".

Quartzite Run

Day 1 - 20km, 705m elevation
Day 2 - 15km, 556m elevation

Granite Run

Day 1 - 15km, 530m elevation
Day 2 - 11km, 188m elevation

(also the 11km Sunday Fun Run)

If you don't have access to long steepish hills; Up-and-down long staircases, or sessions on a stair-step machine OR hard-effort low-cadence pedaling on a static bicycle for 10-15 minutes will be ideal training for climbing.

If you are a new-comer to trail running, it is in your interest to either come to Koedoeslaagte and check out the trails over a weekend. Try and do at least one or two trail runs over rocky, mountainous terrain to sort out all the niggles and equipment. If you have never run with a backpack or waist-pack, please test the equipment before you take on the Crater Traverse. 

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